Product Care


You can handwash your items in warm water gently or spot clean, do not machine wash and never tumble dry

Wooden parts must not be submerged in water, this will damage the wood over time and could lead to breakage. Wipe wooden ring with a clean damp cloth before first use. Treat the wood with organic oils such as olive oil or coconut oil after cleaning to preserve the wood.


Inspect the product before each and every use. Adult supervision is needed when using toys. Discard wooden ring or discontinue use at the first sign of wear and tear.


It is normal for the Sensory Octopus tentacles to lose their curl after a while if they have been pulled. This is because they are made with organic 100% cotton which contains no elastic. To ensure your Sensory Octopus is kept in good condition, you can spray the tentacles lightly with water, gently curl them around your finger and twist carefully, and leave to dry naturally out of direct sunlight.


Remember that all items are handmade and should be treated with care.
Babies should be supervised with toys at all times and should not sleep with anything in their cots.


Wash your knitted items on a cool 30 wash, or preferably hand wash. Do not tumble dry and leave to dry flat.