Send in Service

What is the Send in Service?

Have you seen a design that you've loved and missed out on in a shop opening, or not seen one in the right size? I have opened the Send in Service for you to be able to create your perfect knit. You send me the garment, I create the design for you and then send it back!

You can either send me a photo of a knit I have previously made to replicate/alter to fit your specifications, or send me a drawing of a design you would like me to bring to life and I will do my best to make it a reality for you!

After purchasing your send in slot and paying the non refundable deposit, we will discuss over email your design and I will send you a quote for the design with the deposit deducted, with the return shipping cost included.

Please note that not all designs are transferrable to knits smaller than 1-2 years. The size of your knit determines the text length/word count.

At the moment I am only offering appliqués I have designed previously as I have based my prices on these, I do not offer

- custom animals or florals that I haven’t yet created
- personalised name knits
- adult sizes or sizes larger than 6-7 years.

I am happy for you to order a knit directly to me from a shop/small business to save you on postage. Please make sure you have paid for the design before sending your knit to me. If ordering from a small business, please ask them to include your full name and return address in with the knit so all knits go to the right homes.

Prices are calculated by the size of the knit and type of design, please give as much detail as possible to provide an accurate quote. Any additional design changes after confirmation will be added onto the price.

Prices range from £30-100 depending on the design and size of your knit.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!